USB AutoRun Creator for Windows

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Allows you to add AutoRun to USB sticks

USB AutoRun Creator is a tool used for adding auto-run to your USB sticks and flash drives. It is for drives that do not have AutoRun, formatted drives, and for versions of operating systems that do not automatically run/open flash drives that are inserted.

Add AutoRun coding into your drives

USB AutoRun Creator allows you to add AutoRun programming into USB flash drives, hard drives, and CDs/DVDS. You may add it into discs if the disc has a menu section. The program is a stand-alone app that doesn't require an Internet connection. However, the free trial expires rather quickly, and you will need an Internet connection to sign up for the paid version.

An oddly useful and useless tool

USB AutoRun Creator is oddly useless because most USB flash drives, hard drives, and C\ds/DVDS have an auto-run feature, and most operating systems will automatically open USB flash drives, hard drives and discs when they are inserted. It is an oddly useful tool because there are versions of operating systems that do not open USB drives automatically, and reformatted and repaired external drives and/or flash drives may require the re-installation of AutoRun programming. Only people who require this function frequently will benefit from the paid version.

Adds AutoRun functionality to a USB flash drive; works also in Windows Vista and Windows 7

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator is a tool that can create an autorun USB flash drive (USB stick) that also works in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The tool can be used to open programs, documents, videos, menu interfaces etc. on USB flash drives automatically. USB AutoRun Creator is very secure, only original files, placed on the USB flash drive by you, can be opened automatically.


  • Simply insert the drive and prompt the app to begin
  • The app works very quickly
  • Can use it on some SD cards too
  • Works for flash drives, USB sticks, external drives and discs


  • Must restart your computer after using with your flash drives
  • Often a single-use program with little reuse value
  • Free trial is very short
  • The paid version is only valuable to heavy users

Program available in other languages

USB AutoRun Creator for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 2
  • 3.6
  • (67)
  • Security Status

User reviews about USB AutoRun Creator

  • raul ortiz

    by raul ortiz

    Esta mucho mejor el programa que yo utilizo para hacer autorun y funciona en cualquier versión de windows de cualquier arquitectura.
    Les recomiendo la experiencia.Pueden usar la version de prueba:!btFlxSRY!0ElnRO6peey More


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